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If you follow me on social media, I said no content for a bit so I could write my book and I lied! ;) That’s because when the juicy stuff happens I have to share it with you. Yes, I’m still writing the book. I’ve written almost 10 000 words in 3 days and I’m super excited about what’s showing up there! That will continue, except that I need to write this first!

I’ve said many times that when I follow my intuitive guidance, I do it because I know the value of the journey that I’m about to go on. Even if I don’t know the point of the path or why I’m being asked to go in that direction, I know there are things on that path that I need and I’m willing to go explore that to find them.

I’m no longer afraid of that journey and of those choices because I see the value in them without ever knowing what I’m going to find when I go there. Don’t get me wrong because I used to feel that fear every time my intuition would ask me for something. But what I learned after a lot of repetition was that there was more value in the journey than there was in the outcome. Learning that is what allowed me to let go of the fear of simply going with it.


Being happy is an amazing goal! I want everybody to be happy. I want everybody to be able to be okay in their own skin. I want everybody to be excited when they get up in the morning. I want everybody to be okay.

Truth be told, my original goal was happiness in a lot of ways. I had some external things that I wanted to change to create that, but at the core of it was a need to simply be happy.

Happiness for me meant taking my power back, making my own choices, doing my own thing, and living my life on my own terms. Happiness for me meant being okay in my own skin and not being terrified to breathe every second of every day.

To get there though, I had to deal with me first. I had to make myself the priority and decide that the way for me to be okay was to put myself at the top of my own list. This is the first place the argument happens isn’t it? This is the first place we run into trouble. We are taught to put everybody and the kitchen sink before ourselves. Why are we taught this? Because the people teaching it didn’t know better.


Love and hate are equal and opposite viewpoints.

They are both valid.

They are both belief systems.

They both deserve the same amount of respect.

They are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, they are neutral. The ideas of right and wrong or good and bad are human constructs that create more problems than they solve most of the time.

So let's talk about how I see the world these days. I think what I'm about to share with you will surprise you and may actually upset you. For convenience here, I'm going to simplify this into two teams: team woke and team hate. Obviously there are many people with varying viewpoints, but to keep the blog from being incredibly long I'm only going to acknowledge the two groups.


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