My Word is Balance

Yes. If I could pick a word that describes the theme this year it would be balance.

Why? Because I’m seeing both the balance and the imbalance within myself and the in the world around me. I see the crazy around me. I also see where I haven’t fully balanced within myself. I’m slowly shifting the balance. I’m creating a new balance in my life that makes more sense to me.

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around for a while. I haven’t been posting very much. I haven’t been writing blogs. I haven’t been working on anything in the background. I literally walked away because I needed to.

I needed to find my own version of balance and with that, I also needed to accept the relationship that I have with my work. One of the things that puts me a bit off balance is that I’m rather impatient with my own progress. I feel like I’ve been doing this for a really long time and sometimes I struggle with the idea that I need to keep going. Like, just give me the secret formula so that I can do what I want. But we all know life doesn’t work that way and so, I’ve been working on my thinking to get to a place where I can be okay with the slow crawl.

The impatience came from the financial chaos that I was surrounded by. That’s no longer present. Life is much easier right now than it has been. I’m happy with that. While I was impatient with things, I wasn’t particularly motivated by it. Here’s what it comes down to – I would have walked away from what I was doing the minute financial success showed up. At least for me, that’s not part of the journey. That wasn’t one of the options. If I’m going to create financial success, it has to be through something I’m fully committed to doing even after the success is created. I want a life I don’t need to retire from, but that also means creating a life I don’t want to walk away from the first time the financial opportunity arises.

One of the things I questioned was my content. What I was offered was the idea that I could teach people how to rebel from the system. I could teach people how to let go of all the lies that have been created in our society. I could show people how to allow the system to fall apart, while still being okay within themselves. I could, in fact, build an entire content creation business solely around debunking societal norms.

Is that a good way to get attention quickly? Yes. Yes, it is. Is making a splash as a means of creating success the path I want to take? Not really, no. I don’t want people to rebel from anger and frustration with the system. I want people to accept things as they are and then make conscious choices about whether to take part in those things or not. Self-mastery allows us to make conscious choices and not just do things from anger and frustration. It opens up a different path to be able to respond to what we see around us without the emotional trigger.

Teaching self-mastery matters. Debunking some societal norms along the way is fine, too. Doing one or the other exclusively may not be the best option. There’s that balance I’ve been talking about. To be honest, I’m not particularly comfortable being a walking lightening rod. Offering a path to healing is important to me and not something I want to give up entirely.

Creating balance means finding motivation that is internal and not external. It means doing things because I want to, not because I have to. It means understanding where I want to go and what I want that to look like. It means being patient with the process and committing to it fully. It means not pushing, not stressing and not worrying, all while fully enjoying the creative process I’ve committed to.

Now for the million dollar question. Do I know what’s next?

Sort of. hahaha I have a vision of a free course/info site with all things self-mastery and maybe a bit of rebelling in there too. I’m also considering some paid download options for it like extended audio recordings or PDF files. The base will be free and not behind any sort of a wall or free sign up requirement.

What about a book? I’m focusing on this site for this year because I see it as a foundation to build from. That doesn’t mean I won’t turn the site into a downloadable e-book when it’s done. It just means there won’t be a separate book this year. I actually really liked creating an info site out of my last book, The Art of Self-Mastery, so we’re going to do that again with a bit of a twist.

So, to finish this off. No, I’m not dead. Yes, I will be re-booting my content creation work. It will be with a twist and more internally motivated and driven. Yes, I have some sort of a plan. No, I didn’t give up. Yes, I do what I teach for myself. I always have. I’m right there with you, every single day.

Love to all.



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